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Renovations of antique lights

Have your antique light renovated to be fully functional and astonishing again, no matter where you are.

What can you expect from us

Own renovation workshop with more than 1,000 lights to be renovated.

More than 4,000 lampshades and more than 10,000 parts and components – all antique originals.

Nothing less than quality materials and old and original renovation methods.

I cooperate with craftsmen from other fields.

Renovation: Step by step

Our cooperation will have the following steps:

  1. An analysis based on photographs or personal inspection is carried out.
  2. More alternatives for the renovation and relevant price calculations are provided.
  3. I shall take over the light for renovation after downpayment has been paid.
  4. Then, works on your light commence so that you can have it back as soon as possible.
  5. The renovated light will be returned to you and you shall pay the remainder of the price.

Renovation quality and servicing the light

I have successfully renovated more than 1,000 antique lights. I cooperate with other craftsmen from various fields: mechanical engineering, metal surface treatment, girdling, flow-forming, glass-making, wiring and others.

A renovated light requires only a very little service. If necessary, though, I can provide for you a spare shade or cleaning / polishing of your lamp or chandelier.

Renovation duration and price

What we renovate

We renovate all types of antique lights, including sconces, kerosine lamps and chandeliers, petrol pressure lamps, crystal chandeliers, carbid lamps and many more…

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Renovating antique lights: How we do it

See yourselves how a light is renovated. Videos depicts renovation of an antique chandelier and lamp.

Renovation of an antique chandelier

Renovation of an antique lamp

Renovation duration

We shall work day and night to finish the job of renovating your lamp as soon as possible.

Type of renovation Duration
Total renovation of a lamp or a chandelier + new chrome or nickel plating Up to 2 months
Total renovation of a brass lamp or a chandelier + high gloss polishing Up to 1 month
Total renovation of a chandelier or a lamp – cleaning of the original coating (chrome or nickel) Up to 3 weeks
Renovation of a pull-down lamp Up to 14 days

Renovation price

Send me a few pictures and I will make a quotation containing several alternatives of work.

Renovation of a light Price
Small lamp + new chrome or nickel plating From 110 €
Small chandelier + new chrome or nickel plating From 240 €
A pull-down lamp From 65 €
Small lamp – polishing From 90 €
Small chandelier – polishing From 220 €
Small lamp – coating cleaning From 45 €
Small chandelier – coating cleaning From 200 €


Lights to be renovated can be shipped to our workshop via a courier. A renovated light will be sent back to you via a courier.

Renovation of a large light or more lights

Would you like to have a large light renovated (from a villa, mansion, castle, chateau or church)?

I can collect the light in person at its location, and then once it has been renovated, bring it to you and install it back. The price of this service is individual.

Inquiry for a light renovation

We are open to accept new orders!

Fill out and send us the form and we shall contact you in no time.

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